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When your blog has the word 'sushi' in it and when you even call one of your cats 'Sushi', you definitely can say that's a addict. So I just had to show you guys how I make my own sushi. With a little help of my friend Jony, google and youtube I improved my sushi skills. And so you can! Just follow the next steps:

What do you need?
Sushi rice, sojasauce, rice vinegar, salt, sugar, nori leaves, a knife and ingredients like salmon, advocado, cumcumber, eggs, cheese, crab sticks and whatever you like to put in it. You also need a bamboo sushi mat to roll the sushi.

Actually the rice is the hardest part so let's focus on that.

1. Put the rice in a large bowl and wash it with cold water. Repeat washing until the water becomes almost clear. Place the rice in a cooking pan and ad some water. The water has to be a few centimeters above the rice. Now you can put the pan on the heat and wait until it cooks. Now cook the rice for 10/15 minutes with the lid on it. After this you can put the rice into a bowl so it can cool off.

2. Make the rice vinegar. Ad 1/3 cup vinegar, 1 tsp salt and 1tsp sugar in a small cooking pan and heat it up. After it cools of you can ad it to to sushi rice and mix it.

3. Put a nori leave on the bamboo mat and spread the sushi rice al over it. Make sure that you make your hands wet because the rice is really sticky. Ad the ingredients you want and now it's time for some rollin'! When you have a nice roll grab a knife and make it wet. Now it's time to cut the roll!

That's it! Itadakimasu! (Have a nice meal)

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