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Excuze-moi! You've already seen these images probably all over the place and it's been called a true bloggertrend. I don't mind because I've been drooling over these beauties months and months. Yess, I'm talking about the Isabel Marant wedge sneakers. As a tomboy like me it feels like my prays has been heard (Yes, I like to exaggerate sometimes). Because I only can walk on high heels for a few meters and I even went to Amsterdam Fashion Week on my converse sneakers. Yeah, c'est moi!
You love or you hate them - Of course I love them, except the huge pricetag on it. So that's where my journey began for some wedge sneakers and I found my true love on Ebay!
While I'm actually need to work on my schoolprojects I'm daydreaming about receiving these boots, wearing them and styling them with different outfits. What do you think of them? Can you guess which one I bought?
Pssst...I also saw my blogger friend Debbie has the sneakers too!

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